Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free Realms Starter

So I just bought a Free Realms Star Card from Target. For only 99 cents, you get a 30-day Membership, 250 station cash (to be used to buy special in-game items or even put towards further monthly memberships), and a magical potion. At that price it's a bargain, and since Free Realms is a high quality, addictive game... it's an even better deal.

Other than purchasing these Starter Cards, you can also buy Station Cash cards from Target, Blockbuster and other stores (in various amounts). You can even get a free 1 month Membership in the Starter Pack of Topps Free Realms cards.

They've managed to really get word of this product out there and make it easily accessibly for anyone who wants to get a membership. No wonder they have 4 million registered users!

Either way, at only 99 cents I picked up some extra Starter Cards. If you're interested in checking Free Realms out, let me know! The Starter Cards can only be used for new memberships, though... which I learned the hard way.

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