Sunday, August 2, 2009

Virtual Worlds Deals

So I stopped in Toys R’ Us today and noticed that they’ve got FREE Free Realms Starter Cards. These cards give new players a 1-month membership, some station cash to spend in game, and other freebies. These are the same kind of cards I made reference to back here on sale for 99 cents at Target. I knew they had previously been available for free, but wasn't aware that it was still going on. So, if you’re interested in expanding your Free Realms experience, head to Toys R’ Us and get a trial membership at no cost. Or you could just ask me for a code because I’ve got a small stack of these things sitting around. Remember, though, these are only good for new members. If you’ve got an existing Free Realms account, then the Starter Card isn’t for you.

In further Free Realms news, I stopped by a local comic book store yesterday and bought the first issue of the new Free Realms comic. I haven’t bothered reading it yet, but I got my Spider Bite sword from the code inside the comic. W00t! I’m a loser. Of course, I’m not a level 20 Ninja yet, so the sword is basically worthless right now. I admit, I was a bit distraught over the fact that the code was in no way protected (no scratch off silver stuff, no seal, etc), so anyone in the store could easily write the code down and use it without actually buying the comic. Then of course, when you get home and your code doesn't work? Epic Fail. Beware.

Another deal out there right now is that Habbo Hotel coins are 33% off at Toys R’ Us (which is why I was at Toys R’ Us in the first place). That means you can get $10 worth of coins for only $6.70! I don’t have any huge need for Habbo coins right now, but as long as Toys R’ Us has such a spiffy sale going on, I figured this was the time to buy. Promotion ends August 15 and it's exclusively at Toys R’ Us.

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