Friday, August 31, 2007

Eye of The North Live!

Guildy Fun!NCSoft has announced that they have released their first expansion to the award-winning, subscription-free Guild Wars franchise, Eye of the North!

Gamers who purchase Eye of the North can access its content through any of the multi-million-selling Guild Wars campaigns-Guild Wars, Guild Wars Faction or Guild Wars Nightfall.

Eye of the North advances the story told in the original Guild Wars campaign, and is set in unexplored areas of the continent of Tyria. It contains various new features, including 18 multi-level dungeons, 150 new skills across all 10 Guild Wars professions, 10 new Heroes to aid them in their adventures, 40 new armor sets, and more items, weapons, and titles.

The expansion is now available at the Official Guild Wars In-game Store and at You can also pick it up from retailers in North America and Europe for $39.99.

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