Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Realms Holiday Updates

Wow, a whole bunch of changes and improvements to Free Realms. It's definitely worth logging in and checking it out. Here's a rundown of some of the big changes:
  • Houses! Members get a free house and everyone gets an apartment
  • Furniture to buy for your homes
  • Tons of new pets (dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns, etc.)
  • New Snow Days daily wheel to spin for prizes
  • Lots of new holiday items up for sale
  • Snowball fighting
  • Holiday decorations and events in Snowhill
  • Changes to the game's interface
  • New fishing game
  • And more!

Impressive update. Now it's time for me to go explore and have fun!

Update: So I've had a chance to play around with some of the additions and I have to admit it's a lot of fun. You can collect a daily gift from the Christmas Tree in Snowhill, have snowball fights with your friends, seek out rare fish through the new fishing game, and more! Obviously, if you liked pets in Free Realms, you'll really like the new pets too. One of my favorite changes is the interface. I think it's going to make the game a lot more chat friendly since your chat bar now stays in position at all times instead of disappearing. I still haven't checked out the homes, but I'll be back tomorrow (at the very least, so I can gather my daily gift from under the tree).

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