Friday, August 24, 2007

Two Worlds Released!

2 WorldsSouthPeak Games has just announced that Two Worlds is now available in stores across North America for the PC and Xbox 360! Gamers at the ongoing Penny Arcade Expo will be among the first in the world to experience this highly anticipated game.

Two Worlds is an open-ended RPG that promises gamers freedom like never before and player decisions that permanently shape the game. Two Worlds features over a hundred hours of single-player quests, stackable weapons and magic, as well as epic online multiplayer PvP and RPG gameplay.

"Two Worlds is a huge leap forward for role-playing games in terms of scale and new ideas," said Melanie Mroz, Executive VP of SouthPeak.

The game is available in a standard edition and a collectors edition for both platforms. The collector’s version includes a bonus disc with additional art, videos and music, along with a collector edition map and hardbound role-playing book based off the game.

This is one of my most highly anticipated games, so be sure to look back to Just-RPG for coverage.

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