Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who Can Find Richard Garriot?

TabulaWant to get into the beta of Tabula Rasa? Do you want to win all sorts of cool prizes? Do you want to play hide and seek with Richard Garriot? Of course you do! If you answered yes to all of those questions, you'll be glad to hear that Tabula Rasa is holding a "Who Lost the General" event this weekend that will give you the opportunity to do all of that and more!

World of RolePlayers Radio will be broadcasting live from within the game's beta, giving away prizes, beta keys, play-by-play commentary from the event, and exclusive information. Players who join in on the event on August 10th will take part in a huge game of hide and seek where players search high and low for he General, who is controlled by none other than Richard Garriot!

In addition, CuppaJo from NCSoft will be live on-air with World of RolePlayers Radio during the event giving clues and information about the whereabouts of General British! World of RolePlayers Radio will also be giving away Tabula Rasa beta codes all this week and during the event.

Check out the Tabula Rasa site for more information!

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