Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/15/07 Links

Honestly, I have no idea when all of these articles were published, but I came across a good amount of RPG-related content. RPGLand has put up several previews and a review that I missed out on before, and Strategy Informer has a lot of new stuff, so I'm linking quite a bit of their stuff here.

It looks like the RPG world is getting busy lately. It may only be August, but the holiday season is rapidly approaching, so expect a lot of new games and plenty of coverage to begin popping up. We also just saw E3 (well, a miniature E3 at least...), Comic Con and now gamers are gearing up for GenCon. Of course, we can expect an overflow of game previews from these events.

RPGLand's Jeanne d’Arc review - Their verdict on Level-5's latest? A "Great" 8 out of 10.

Persona 3 on RPGLand - A second very positive review on RPGLand, this time of Persona 3.

Wild Arms 5 Preview at RPGLand - A preview of XSEED's upcoming game in the popular Wild Arms series. They went hands on with this one.

Final Fantasy Tactics PSP Preview at RPGLand - They get hands on time with the PSP port of the classic Final Fantasy Tactics. Ok, that's the last of our RPGLand links...

Witcher Screens at Strategy Informer - Two gorgeous new screens from the highly anticipated PC RPG.

IGN Reviews Blue Dragon - Their score is 7.9, which is positive, but not quite what I was expecting of Blue Dragon. This game was receiving a lot of hype and got great scores in Japan.

GameSpy Reviews Jeanne d'Arc - 4.5 out of 5 stars from them, indicating that the new PSP RPG is great!

GameSpot's Eternal Sonota Interview - GameSpot has posted an interview with Eternal Sonota Director, Hiroya Hatsushiba.

IGN's BioShock Preview - Positive remarks about the recent BioShock demo!

Strategy Informer's Requital Interview - An interview with the lead programmer of the upcoming PC RPG.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World on Strategy Informer - A recent take on a PS2 RPG from a few years back. The score is quite a bit lower than that of many RPG lovers.

Eternal Sonata Interview on Strategy Informer - Our second Eternal Sonata interview of the day.

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