Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dares in Free Realms

So I just attended a concert of the Dares (the who?) in Free Realms. Sure, it was short... and silly... and the lag was awful... and kids were running all over the stage... it started 25 minutes late.. and everyone complained afterwards for 20 minutes straight. Overall, I guess it was a FAILfest. But of course, when you're dealing with kids, you're always going to have a bunch of hard to please whiners. Nice to see some special events, and the players DID enjoy it for the 30 seconds that it lasted.

FAIL or not, it was amusing to see a large gathering and mingle a bit with the Free Realms community, dancing and shouting woot! This game has really grabbed onto the age group that's a bit too old for Club Penguin, but still a bit too young for World of Warcraft. I'm also impressed that they managed to pull this off live from E3 so soon after the birth of the game.

I'm enjoying Free Realms more and more each day, and there is so much that I've yet to explore. I haven't even touched the card game yet... and considering I'm a big CCG fan, I'm sure that I'll end up addicted.

Oh well, back to Free Realms!
PS - for concerned parents, Free Realms seems to have blocked out all numbers within the last week or so. I remember toying with it last week and I was able to say a full 10 numbers in a row like a phone number. Although this week, numbers are ALL filtered. Glad to see since it prevents kids from giving phone numbers to pervs. Of course, I've seen some bad language... their filter could use some work, but definitely improving!

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