Monday, July 30, 2007

Game Critics Loving Mass Effect

Microsoft has just announced that the upcoming Xbox 360 Exclusive RPG from BioWare, Mass Effect, has received several Best of E3 2007 nominations from the Game Critics Awards.

Not suprisingly, Mass Effect received a Best RPG nomination as well as a Best Console Nomination. Most impressive of all, it also received a Best in Show nomination. Mass Effect is sounding good so far, but then again, with E3 as downsized as it was this year, it just doesn't seem like the awards mean as much.

Mass Effect is set for release this fall exclusively for the Xbox 360 and is already one of the most hyped games of the holiday season. With titles like Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic under their belt, it's no wonder gamers are excited about BioWare's upcoming offering. Not to mention, the Xbox 360 is fairly dry in the RPG area right now, so patient RPG fans have something to look forward to!

BioWare has recently released an extended E3 trailer of the game. Check it out on the game's official site:

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